You want to compare the variation of heights of Econ 202 (population 1) and Econ 203 (population 2) students. You used a random sample of 48 Econ 202 students and found a variance of 16 inches, while a sample of 63 Econ 203 students had a variance of 14 inches. If you test whether the variances of the two populations are equal, the test statistic will have a value of: Note. You should NOT change the way how the populations are labeled for this question. A. 0.9 B. 1.14 C. 1.56 D. 0.76

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option BStep-by-step explanation:As per the question:The variance of the 48 Econ 202, Β = 16 inchesThe variance of 63 Econ 203 = 14 inchesNow, to test the variance of two populations:For 48 Econ 202:[tex]s^{2} = 16[/tex]For 63 Econ 203:[tex]s'^{2} = 14[/tex]On comparing the two, the test statistics is given by;F = [tex]\frac{s^{2}}{s'^{2}}[/tex]F = [tex]\frac{16}{14} = 1.14[/tex]