the Smith wants to buy a new computer. The regular price is $765 .The store is offering a 30% discount and the sales tax of 6% is added after the discount. What is the final cost of the TV​

Accepted Solution

Answer:567.63Step-by-step explanation:To find the discount, take the original price times the discount percentdiscount = 765*30%                = 765 *.3                =229.5The new price is  the original price minus the discountnew price =765-229.5                  =535.50Now we need to find the tax.  Tax is the new price times the tax ratetax =535.5 * 6%       535.5*.06        32.13To find the final price. we add the tax to the new pricefinal price = new price + tax                   =535.5+32.13                   567.63