Carl drove the following distances for the XYZ Delivery Company from January through July. 914, 740, 815, 550, 815, 1,250, 740. What was the range of distance in miles?

Accepted Solution

Answer:   [550, 1250] miles ([minimum, maximum] miles)   700 miles (difference between minimum and maximum)Step-by-step explanation:"Range" has different meanings in different contexts with respect to a list of numbers and/or ordered pairs. For a function, characterized by ordered pairs, the range is often specified by the interval between the minimum and the maximum. That is, the range of the function ...   (Jan, 914), (Feb, 740), (Mar, 815), (Apr, 550), (May, 815), (Jun, 1250), (Jul, 740)can be specified either as the list of dependent variable values:   {550, 740, 815, 914, 1250}or as the interval between the minimum and the maximum:   [550, 1250]___If you're plotting these values or creating a histogram, the "range" you're interested in is often the difference between the minimum and maximum:   1250 -550 = 700The widths of bins of a histogram are defined by dividing this range into a suitable number of smaller intervals.